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Jill Herz Attorney at Law, P.C.

25 Years in Personal Injury Law.


Fighting insurance companies since 1993.

Proudly operating in Dallas's courthouse district, Jill Herz Attorney at Law, P.C. is a boutique, family-owned law firm with an impressive reputation. The firm's area of expertise is personal injury law — all clients have been injured in car crashes, construction accidents, and more. Jill Herz works with clients to find them the compensation they need by fighting insurance companies for it. After someone gets injured, insurance tries to offer limited compensation in exchange for the person signing away their right to ask for more. Instead of settling for less, clients come to Jill Herz because of the firm's reputation to fearlessly take insurers to court when they won't pay up. Injured clients accumulate expenses from their injuries: medical bills, lost wages, and less obvious costs like pain and suffering. Jill Herz never asks for less than what clients need to get back on their feet and pay their bills.




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Areas of Practice

Car Wrecks

Distracted driving is a persistent threat these days, worsened by cell phone use. If someone crashes into you, you may have to fight their insurance for fair payment, or even fight to prove fault . Jill Herz goes to court to win you the money you need to pay medical bills, lost wages, and more — usually way more than what you can get by dealing with insurance directly. The best part: we only get paid when you do.

Premises Liability

In the world of construction and engineering, contractors and foremen are expected to keep their employees safe, but on-the-job injuries and accidents happen too often. Jill Herz is experienced with making strong cases for her injured clients after a job site injury, getting insurance to pay up, and getting her clients referred to the best treatment available — from chiropractors to surgeons.

Wrongful Death

There is nothing more tragic than the death of someone close to you. But if someone is responsible for that death, due to negligence, then they have a responsibility to society and the victim's family to pay up. We've seen these cases many times before, and won bereaved families the financial compensation and closure they need to keep going after tragedy.



Bad Faith

When you sign up with an insurance company, you expect them to be by your side should you ever have a legitimate claim, where you've been injured or your property has been damaged. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies play nice, even with their own clients. When these insurers refuse to pay out claims, sometimes they are so far in the wrong that they cross a legal line — they breach their contract with you and are said to act in bad faith. Jill Herz has handled several serious bad faith cases and found successful resolutions for her clients.


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